Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ready for the Ride?!

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. Since we are going to discuss and learn about different web skills and how we can take advantage of them to promote effective learning in the classroom, I decided to work on my first post in a different way: expressing my initial reflections via Vocaroo, a really nice web tool I discovered this year! All you have to do is click and listen to what I have to say!

The course has already started, so let`s fasten our seat belts and enjoy the ride! I wish you all a great week!


  1. Hello Vinicious,
    I liked your blog, I can see you have a lot of experience on weblogs. I clicked on the and it was interesting to record my voice, I have some ideas to use it in my classes, thanks for sharing.

    I use with ESL students and it is always interesting to have more options to use in my classes. Thanks for sharing. I will post a link of voxopop on my blog so you and the other students can have access to use it.

    Nice meeting you and I am sure will learn a lot during this course.
    Yariela Cantarero

  2. Hello Vinicious,greatings from Kosovo,

    Nice to meet you and thank you for sharing the vocaroo link in your blog.
    After I saw it and clicked on it to listen, I have some ideas about using it in my classes.

    Best regards,
    Blerta Shehu

  3. Hi Vinicius
    Great job, I really like the choice of font and colors on your blog. Be sure to change the default language over to English so it is easy for everyone to leave comments.

  4. Hi Venicious,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leave your opinion.

    Yes, it is “cool” as you say but it requires a lot of effort to encourage students to see blogs as interesting as teachers do.

    First of all we need to be aware of the students styles we have in a classroom, in order to see how are we going to “convince” them to use blogs. If we have reflective students they will need training with steps to follow in order to see the way a blog works and the examples of students around the world using blogs.

    You can do with teenagers a short power point presentation and include a video of students using blogs. Also, for impulsive learners you can take them straight to the lab and you can ask them to enter to your blog and start creating their own blog or enter to yours and see what they can do and find.

    Through discriminating and doing these teens will be able to find by their own the interesting things of working in blogs. At the end of the week you can post the first assignment, a little prompt for them to work on. And you will find out which students are motivated and which ones you need to work more with.

    This is only an idea about getting teenagers involved in your blog use. But, I am sure you can find from experts more ideas.

    It is true they love only facebook and youtube but that’s why we need to be creative in order to avoid them to use only that, and to see blogs boring for them.

    Have a nice day,

    Greetings from Nicaragua

  5. Thank you Robert! To be honest, I hadn`t really noticed the language in my blog was in Portuguese before you mentioned it! Problem solved!

  6. Thanx for showing us a new webtool. I'll use it!

  7. Hi Vinicius

    Your blog is great! Your provide other valuable tool for listening purpose, Vocaroo. This is my first time see this tool in a web and it's really inspiring me. I though next time I could try to use this tool to my students in Listening or Speaking class. Thanks anyway for your sharing.

  8. Hello, Vinicius

    Your blog shows me exactly how to use the blog.
    It is simple but has a core and inspiring.
    I was a little bit worried about blogging before, but I feel I could. I hope my blog will be useful. Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Hi Vinicious,

    Thanks for sharing a great tool and Yariela for the tips on how to use blogging in a teen class.


  11. Vinicious, how did you add the links to the other blogs at the top? I really like that and would like to do the same. Can you teach us?

  12. Hi Avraham! Well the links are easy to add to the page. all you have to do is click on "design"at the very top of your blog page (it`s the area where the blog owner can edit the page, login/out or write a new post). Then, when you click on "design", you`ll see the layout of you blog and all the areas you can customize. Then, you need to look for "add a gadget" and click there. The gadgets are special tools and things you can add to your blog page, like pictures, graphs, counters, links, etc. There is a huge list of things you can add to personalize your page. Then , all you need to do is pick the gadget that adds links to your page and add the addresses and names. It`s really simple, if you can`t find it let me know and I`ll try to give you more details!